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Prescribed Books for the year & stationery are also available with the authorized Book Shop. However, Parents can purchase the prescribed books/stationery and uniform from the open market as well. Note books bearing school name & logo are Compulsory.

School Uniform

No student is allowed to attend the school and board the school bus without proper school uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniform specified in the student’s diary. Three sets of summer and two sets of winter uniform are compulsory. In order to maintain uniformity, school has arranged tailoring facilities for stitching at very reasonable charges. Parents can deposit the charges in the following months.

Prescribed Uniform

List of Books

S.No.Prescribed BooksDownload
1 Prescribed Books 2024-2025
2 Prescribed Books 2023-2024
3 Prescribed Books 2022-2023
3 Prescribed Books 2021-2022