Courses Of Studies

The scheme envisages that every learner is to be evaluated for what he/she does throughout the year, according to his or her own abilities and intelligence, rather than in a one-shot three hour external examination at the end of the academic session.
It not only intends to make assessment an integral part of the teaching- learning process, but also improves class-room deliberations resulting in meaningful and productive learning.
It is our belief that evaluation should act as a positive input for improving the teaching learning process and not as a deterrent. The report card of evaluation should reflect not only the scholastic aspects of the learner, but also life skills acquisition, personality attributes, behaviour, interests, attitudes, values and proficiency in indoor as well as outdoor co-curricular activities. It should facilitate in unraveling talent and reflect the true picture of the growth and profile of a young learner.

Class: Subject
For Class VI to VIII
(Prescribed by the Directorate of Education, Delhi)
General Science
Computer Science& Applications
Social Studies
For Class IX and X (Prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education) Hindi
Science with Practicals – Physics; Chemistry; Biology
Social Studies – History, Geography, Economics, Civics
Socially Useful Productive Work (any one):
Ceramic Designing and Pottery
Electronics and Robotics
Fine Arts and Painting
Paper Technology and Calligraphy
School Band
Vocal Music
Classical Dance
Western Music
Instrumental Music: Sitar, Flute etc.
Instrumental Music: Tabla
Physical and Health Education
Computer Science & Applications